The Conference Program

Besides full and short papers sessions, other themes of IEEE GEM 2015 include:

  • Panels & Special Sessions
  • Games and Gender
  • Funding for Game Research & Development
  • Storytelling, Visualization & Games
  • Workshops
  • Gamification
  • Game Assessment
  • Tutorials
  • HTML5 Game Development
  • Mentoring Sessions (for groups & individuals)
  • Games and Art Exhibit
  • Demonstrations (Each full and short paper will be encouraged to present a demo. Demos are accepted without a paper too).

Visual artists and designers participating in the 2015 IEEE GEM Conference include Justin Berry, Pratt University and City University of NewYork; Jeffrey Scudder, Parsons School of Design; Rebecca Aston, New York based Zimbabwean artist and designer; Rubaiat Habib, Sr. Research Scientist, Autodesk Research; and panel discussions on the Strategies of Play and Covert Engagement with Max Saltonstall and Lindsay Grace, Google and American University, respectively. The field of visual arts participants continues to grow; additional artists and panels will be listed soon.

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